Structure your organization

Structure your personnel in groups and grant them a role, assign them some tags. Tags make easier to classify your members with respect to other criteria (i.e. skills, title...)

Track your teams in real time

Positional data is automatically collected from the mobile app. It allows you to track participant's location in real-time and initiate actions on target using a friendly map based user interface.

Notify your organization

Notify your members or teams in a matter of seconds. You can set predefined models of notifications including information about the event, the location and the way you will interact with the participants. The recipients could be individual members, teams or groups of members sharing the same criteria (i.e. skills, title...).

Share information with your teams

Take and share images among participants without the hassle of email or file sharing apps.

Mobilize and interact with your team instantly

Define your own communication process to mobilize the participants. By facilitating two-way messaging between coordinators and participants, it becomes easy to know instantly the participant's statuses.

Make your teams intervene with ease

The mobile app takes benefit of navigation apps installed in your devices smoothing the intervention process.

Increase productivity

Reduce your reliance on various tools (papers, spreadsheets, mapping softwares....), and serial communication channels (tree calls, SMS...) to improve your efficiency and save precious time.

Enhance security

We provide the safest environment for your data, with full encryption at rest and in-transit, best-practices security policies.

User-friendly interface

Start within minutes With no training required and a modern, intuitive set of screens, some of the world’s largest organizations are up and running within minutes.

Legal compliance

Don't rely on tailor-made solutions using "free" service or data providers with doubtful licencing for your use case.

Software as a Service

Pay-as-you-go, scale you need, choose the pricing plan to feet your need, reduce maintenance costs, work from anywhere.

No vendor lock-in

Long-term plans of most competitors hook you to their closed ecosystem. In contrary, we are committed to Open Source and you can use our building blocks to easily integrate the application and make it more interoperable.

A Kalisio product developed in partnership with

As a partner, the SDIS47 plays a key role in the development of the solution.