# Logbook

The logbook is a long-term archive of your events. It offers a complete traceability of your events with relevant statistics through charts or maps.


This feature requires a specific subscription, it will not be available otherwise.

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The default view in this activity is a timeline or history displaying all events sequentially in a given time range. In addition to usual events actions you will find there some information related to traceability like event creation/update/closing dates and participant count:



Once archived, data generated by the application are anonymized by suppressing personally identifiable information like names in order to limit your liability with respect to GDPR (opens new window), but also as a privacy protection.

However, the content entered by your members is stored "as-is". As a consequence, you must ensure it complies GDPR.

You can switch to a cartographic view of your events to locate it accurately:

Archiving Map

Or display a heatmap to study its spatial distribution:

Archiving Heatmap

Last but not least, you will be able to produce statistics about your events and export the data to third-party application like Microsoft® Excel®:

Archiving Chart

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